Ponytails For All Events

No matter the amount of twist, braids, or buns we get good at, ponytails will never go out of trend when it comes to hairstyling. Most times, ponytails can be tricky, especially when it comes to figuring out how to style them perfect for that particular occasion. Ponytails are, however, the most versatile and popular hairstyle you can find out there. They are cute; they make you look elegant and adorable as well. No matter the profession or event, ponytails can fit in. All you have to do is take all your hair and turn them into a ponytail. When styled right, the ponytail can be fun; low maintenance looks for a regular day or even an elegant statement for any special event. It is kind of impossible for you to run out of ponytail ideas due to the variety of ponytail styles—there are ponytails for every event and occasion. Here are a few ponytails that you can do in a few minutes and still look elegant:


The amazing fact about this particular look (style of the ponytail) is that it fits best as a second-day hair. I.e., you don’t have to wash your hair to take this on. All you have to do is apply some dry shampoo and draw your locks into a low pony. With the natural waves and loose curl, the side ponytail looks great, giving you that feminist twist. In order to complete this twist, pull some face-framing strand s out and add some gentle curl. Then you’re good to go.


The majority of people are obsessed with this particular sky-high ponytail. It’s really easy to pull this one-off. You all don’t have to be Beyoncé to do that. In other to achieve this look, you have to go with two different ponytail approaches. First and foremost, make a small “base” ponytail, then you sweep the rest of your hair to the back and make it go around. By creating an anchor like this, the ponytail will stay in its position and won’t drop down from the extra weight. Apply some cascading curls and use a two-clip weft of your favorite hair extension to wrap the base of your pony in other to give it a more polished look.


This particular braid has a rocker-chic signature. It’s popularly known as “Mohawk,” and we all look the edginess this adds to our look. With the combination of a big and not-properly-arranged ponytail, this particular style is both effortless and eye-catching as well. Improve the texture of this look by adding a spray to enhance that natural wave that comes with it. Keep rocking the hair.


This particular style of the ponytail is one of the cutest and adorable ponytail hairstyles that leave us with some school vibes. In other to get this particular look, you have to take the top of the hair from the middle section and take that portion to back and the top portion of your head and brace the hair with a pony band. You don’t really have to hide your pony band and let the rest of the hair-free. If your hair to have that straight look, then you can straighten them a bit.

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