Best Ombre Nails of 2020 – 200 Ombre Designs & All Colors!

Biggest Ombre Nails Collection & How To Do

One of the biggest trends of the last few years is ombre nails art. As the weather cools down, the times we spend at home are increasing, so the time we devote to ourselves increases. Now that you have read this article, you have come to the stage where you are investigating what and how to do your ombre nails from boredom at home. Your nails may be short, you may not be born lucky, but everything has a solution now.

According to a rumor, French women found French Manicure years ago to hide the dirt inside their nails. This natural-looking manicure shape that has not been natural for years; became indispensable for women who want elegance and classy. In fact, it makes sense when you think; It offers a healthy, clean look as it should be.

Acrylic Nail Dipping System

If you don’t like your nails, it is not long enough and it breaks before you stretch it, or you just want to do this because you like this method, we have written how to reach the nails you wish with acrylic nail dipping system. After applying this method, you can create the shape and color you want on it. But let’s start with Ombre Nails, which is the subject of this article for now.

When we say ombre hair, ombre lips, don’t tell me you don’t think the subject will come to ombre nails. This style looks good on nails as well as everything else. It’s not something you can’t do yourself at home, it’s one of the easiest nail art methods. Three nail polish and an old make-up sponge are all you need to make perfect ombre nails.

Which color?

Besides, the colors you use are entirely up to you. You don’t have to go from dark to light or from light to dark. There is no need to limit yourself to colors such as black, grey and white. If you want, you can make colorful ombre nails suitable for summer and spring. You can make 2-colour, 3-colour or even 4-colour transitions, everything is entirely under your control.

Maroon & Red Ombre Nails Designs

Show your feminine and sexy side with red. All bright, attractive and bold, it’s time to shine bright like a diamond.

TOM FORD – Nail Lacquer Smoke Red

Christian Louboutin – Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour

Ombre nails, Stylish

Blue Ombre Nails Designs

Darker blue is for the dramatic effect, tells a little bit about your mood and light blue will show your calm attitude to everyone. Calm, ready and collected.

Christian Louboutin – The Noirs Bianca Nail Colour

Ombre nails, Stylish

Natural & Pink Ombre Nails Designs

Let’s have a moment of respect for pink. Kylie and Rihanna love it. It is subtle yet attractive enough.

Christian Louboutin – The Nudes Tres Decollete Nail Colour

Ombre nails, Stylish

Orange & Yellow Ombre Nails Designs

Yellow is now one of the hottest trends. It is great for showing your fun side and therefore, your amazing personality.

Givenchy – Limited Edition Summer ’19 Solar Pulse Le Vernis

Ombre nails, Stylish

Purple & Green Ombre Nails Designs

Most elegant and fabulous color of the year. It goes with everything well and it’s a royal choice, queen.

Chantecaille – Celestial Nail Sheer Top Coat

Ombre nails, Stylish

White & Grey Ombre Nails Designs

A-listers love it. It’s time to sparkle, sparkle and sparkle. White and grey are great with leathers too.

Deborah Lippmann – x GREY Jason Wu Nail Polish

Ombre nails, Stylish

How To Do – Ombre Nails

I will tell you what you should do step by step to have amazing ombre nails. First, cut an old make-up sponge with two fingers thickness with scissors and set aside. Your fingers are going to get messy, so make sure the nail polish won’t stick to them. You can put tape around your nail, to make excess nail polish easier to remove. Cover your fingers at least up to the first joint. If you do not have tape, take a cotton bud and acetone with you. Yes, now that the preparations are completed, we can start the process.

Step 1

First, apply nude or white nail polish to your entire nail. One of the most important tricks is not to go to the next step without making sure that this nail polish is completely dry. Otherwise, your nails will have a crater appearance like the surface of the moon. Apply dark nail polish on top of the sponge, either horizontally or diagonally around the corner. This nail polish should be in the thickness of the brush, so put the brush on the sponge and pull it out once.

Step 2

Then apply a few more layers of nail polish to the same place so that the nail polish is not meager on the sponge. Apply a slightly lighter colour nail polish below this color with the same tactic. Finally, apply the nail polish that you used for your first step(the one you applied your entire nail) to the bottom of the sponge with the same tactic. Before the nail polish on the sponge dries, touch with the sponge to the bottom of your nail.

Step 3

It is essential that you shouldn’t wipe your nail, but to make sure that your nail polish can be applied to your nail with bumper movements. Repeat this process several times so your nail will complete the transition from dark to light with a natural transition from top to bottom. As I said at the beginning, if you haven’t put tape around your nail, let’s dip an earbud into acetone and carefully wipe the nail polish smeared on the edges for your ombre nails.

Step 4

And finally, your ombre nails will get the look you want with a matte or shiny topcoat. If your nails don’t look the way you want, you may have missed one of the steps above, check again because we’ve explained everything step by step perfectly. In other words, we are not guilty!

Longwear Top Coat

Ombre nails, Stylish

Ombre nails, Stylish

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