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90’s Fashion: How to Get The 1990’s Style

Experience a Continuous Cycle

Fashion got trapped in a vicious circle. The 80s are over, the 90s have begun, the 2000s are over again, and the 90s have been returned. The reason why the 90s are so indispensable for us could be popular music. With the introduction of MTV, we have taken a big step into the popular culture. Even now, it started slowly in the early 2000s and 80’s breezes. The high waist mom jean we looked at with disgust and laughing in the 2000s is now our uniform. That is the damn fashion. I’m sure we’re going back to the low-waist jeans that we’re cursing now.

High Waist Mom Jeans

Speaking of mom jeans, one of the best inventions in the world is high waist jeans. Whether mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, skinny jeans; high waist is incredibly comfortable. The perfect solution for hiding our love handles from the 2000s. I hope they never get out of our lives anymore.

Agolde – 90’s Mid Rise Loose Fit

Topshop – Tall Bleach Destroy Rip Mom Jeans

Crop Tops

By the way, we should mention crop tops too. After the 80s exaggeration, the 90s minimality, which comes like a drug, is also reflected in crop tops. Basic crop tops are on everyone. We can always wear it when going to sports, going out at night, meeting friends during the day. We could also be wearing it because it suits the high waist and makes our waist look thinner.

DL1961 Premium Denim – Irving Striped Button-Front Long-Sleeve Tie-Front Crop Top

Alexander Wang – Black ‘Chynatown’ Cropped T-Shirt

Mini Skirts with Socks

I always looked at the socks worn under the mini-skirts with envy as a child. We were wearing yes, but we were wearing children’s clothing because we were a child.No one didn’t want to watch Aerosmith’s Crazy clip and look like Liv Tyler. Thank God now we can do this any time we want. So I’m talking about outfits, of course.

The Kooples – Printed Viscose Frilly Mini Skirt

Topshop – Cream And Tan Check Split Mini Skirt

Oversize Tops

In the 2000s, oversize was not worn; it’s like everything had to be tight. We wouldn’t even wear oversized t-shirts with skinny jeans. But 90’s not like that. We wear mom jeans with oversized sweatshirts now. Officially a period of comfort. Please don’t stop until I die.

Calvin Klein – Green Oversized Sweatshirt

Kenzo – Oversized Bubble Logo Sweatshirt

Overalls and Shortalls

I used to wear a shortfall since my childhood was in the ’90s. And I wore a bib overall the other day. A beautiful outfit in one piece is comfortable, stylish, effortless. It’s in worn summer and winter. I don’t know why it is because it reminds me of those days I wear the overall by dropping a strap, and I make my hair two braids.

ASOS DESIGN – Denim overall in rinse wash

Blank Denim – Double Agent Overalls

, Stylish

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